NFL Rookie Quarterbacks Make Debuts

Billy Woods | August 9th, 2019

Football is finally upon us! Whether it’s Thursday night primetime, high school Friday night lights, college football Saturday, NFL Sunday or Monday night primetime, football brings a different vibe to the sports season.

The pressure placed on the players, especially rookie quarterbacks, to perform like a hall-of-fame caliber player immediately is unmatched in any sport. In every sport, players are allotted years for growth. But for NFL quarterbacks, the margin of error is more miniscule than the actual margins on the freshly cut football field. A stretch of bad games against coaches and defenses with years of NFL and championship experience could slate you as an all-time bust (i.e. Jared Goff).

The worst part about quarterbacks is their success depends on so many surrounding factors. If there’s a below average receiving corp, offensive line or coaching, the rookie quarterback could be blamed for the lack of production.

With the football world waiting on standby, ready to judge, three rookie quarterbacks made their NFL debuts in preseason.

The Arizona Cardinals drafted Kyler Murray with the first overall pick in the draft. Although he only played one series in his debut, he showed his excellent playmaking skills. Murray was 6-7 for 44 yards, no touchdowns and no interceptions. His playmaking skills were on full display during the one series he played. His ability to avoid contact and decision making is at an elite level.

The New York Giants drafted Daniel Jones with the sixth pick in the draft. Amidst the scrutiny surrounding Jones, he showed out in the one series he played. Jones was 5-5 for 67 yards, one touchdown and no interceptions. With his excellent play in this game and the spring workouts, Jones is poised to take control of the Giants offense when Eli Manning is ready to hang it up.

The Washington Redskins drafted Dwayne Haskins with the 15th pick in the draft. The quarterback was 8-14, no touchdowns and two interceptions in the six series he led. Haskins proved he can be a liable dual threat quarterback, adding two rushes for 17 yards. He made a laser of a pass that not many quarterbacks could make. His debut was a mixed bag and disappointing on the stat sheet, but his athleticism and arm strength was on full display. Once he works on his decision making, Haskins could be a regular starting quarterback in the league.

Murray and Jones might have played too well for their own good. They will inevitably take a step back in the preseason, and when they do, the media will be there to swarm them and throw a bust label on them. Be patient with 22-year old quarterbacks who are throwing to limited targets.

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